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RINGSPANN presents a new modular system for standard disc couplings

The current one-stop-shop from RINGSPANN offers a large selection of rigid, torsionally rigid and torsionally flexible shaft couplings. Constant demand from industrial drive technology in particular is enjoyed by the group of disc couplings. In order to be able to meet the needs of product developers and designers at even shorter notice, the company has now developed a practical modular system that greatly simplifies the configuration of standard disc couplings and significantly shortens delivery times. It even allows the customer to configure online on their own.

Bad Homburg, November 2023. – „With 19 series, RINGSPANN's current overall range of shaft couplings covers all currently technically relevant types and offers solutions for nominal torques from 2.0 to 1,299,500 Nm. “In this way, we have opened up a great deal of freedom for designers and engineers in industrial drive technology to realize rigid, torsionally rigid or torsionally elastic connections between shafts of gearboxes, motors and machines, while at the same time compensating for axial, radial and angular misalignments”, says Product Manager Martin Schneweis. Today, RINGSPANN shaft couplings can be found worldwide in drive systems in conveyor technology, manufacturing technology, fluid technology, construction machinery technology and many other key areas of industry. Disc couplings in the series RDL… DSO, RDL... DSZ and RDL... DSA in the company’s assortment have repeatedly proved to be extremely versatile. At the heart of their design are disc packs made of stainless steel, which – provided they are installed correctly – are virtually wear-free and do not require any lubrication. In applications with nominal torques of 96 to 18,700 Nm, disc couplings from RINGSPANN therefore represent a largely maintenance-free, torsionally rigid connection. The calculated deformation of the disc packs also allows axial, radial and angular shaft misalignments to be compensated for with low restoring forces. This protects the powertrain, relieves the strain on the components of its peripherals and supports the smooth running of the entire drive unit.

Instant information on the price

At RINGSPANN, disc couplings are usually manufactured individually in connection with customer projects and orders, which is why cost and delivery times fluctuate greatly. “Especially in the recent past, however, we have observed that certain variants and types are now ordered regularly over long periods of time”, reports Martin Schneweis. The product manager has picked up on this trend and, together with his team, has developed a new modular system that now makes it possible to design and configure numerous standard versions of the disc couplings of the RDL… DSO/ DSZ/ DSA series very quickly according to customer requirements. This modular system is now available and was also integrated into the RINGSPANN webshop in the final development phase. “Here, experienced designers or buyers can also configure the required disc coupling online if required. They can find out the price and delivery date directly and download a 3D model”, explains Martin Schneweis.

Modular system ensures high availability

The new modular system from RINGSPANN makes it possible to combine the various structural components of a disc coupling – such as hub type, bore and intermediate pieces – in a customer-specific and very flexible manner in order to put together optimal coupling solutions for many different applications. Since most of the individual parts and assemblies are already prefabricated, the delivery time for the individually configured disc coupling is reduced to a few weeks or even a few days. “With our new disc coupling modular system, we are able to ideally combine the two performance factors of customer-specific design and high availability for a very wide range of standard drive technology applications”, emphasizes Martin Schneweis.

By the way: the abbreviations of the three series provide information from RINGSPANN as to whether the disc couplings are equipped with single-sided (RDL... DSO), normal bilateral (RDL... DSZ) or API 610-compliant double-sided disc packs (RDL... DSA). API 610 (ISO 13709) and the associated API 671 (EN ISO 10441) of the American Petroleum Institute result in technical changes compared to the standard design for the use of disc couplings in the oil, petrochemical and natural gas industries.



Designing disc couplings correctly

When selecting and designing disc couplings, determining nominal torques and operating speeds is just as important as paying attention to shaft diameters and shaft displacement. Selecting the appropriate operating factor is also highly relevant. This records those torque peaks that can occur during the practical operation of the clutch, but that cannot be precisely calculated in advance. Furthermore, in addition to the technical-physical aspects, some aspects of product quality and refinement must be taken into account. For example, RINGSPANN disc couplings have surface phosphating as standard, which gives them a high level of corrosion protection. In addition, they can be balanced in grade G6.3 or 2.5 according to ISO 21940.


disc couplings from RINGSPANN
Universal and versatile: disc couplings in the RINGSPANN series RDL...DSO with a single disc pack, RDL...DSZ with double disc packs and RDL...DSA with API 610-compliant, double disc packs. (Image: RINGSPANN)
RINGSPANN Product Manager Martin Schneweis
RINGSPANN Product Manager Martin Schneweis: “Designers or buyers can configure the required disc coupling online in our webshop if required.” (Image: RINGSPANN)
RINGSPANN multi-disc clutches in pump systems
RINGSPANN multi-disc clutches are often used in the drive trains of pump systems. (Image: Doin Oakenhelm @Adobe Stock)
configurable disc couplings
All modular components can be individually configured: RINGSPANN disc coupling in the series RDL... DSA with double disc pack. (Image: RINGSPANN)
modular system from RINGSPANN in its webshop
The new disc coupling modular system from RINGSPANN is now available and can also be viewed in the company's webshop. (Image: RINGSPANN)

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