Housing Freewheels FHD

  • Housing Freewheels FHD Housing Freewheel FHD
  • with mechanical separating function
    for heavy duty and continuous operation

    Application as

    • Overrunning Clutch

    for multi-motor drives in which a drive is automatically disengaged when it is no longer supplying power.


    Housing Freewheels FHD with hydrodynamic roller lift-off are typically used in cases where an assembly can be driven from two or more motors or turbines at the same or similar high speed. They allow a continuous plant operation in the event that one of the energy sources or a drive line fails as well as energy saving in the case of partial load operation. For safe system maintenance, the Housing Freewheels FHD are equipped with a mechanical separation function to decouple the input drive from the output drive train.
    The Housing Freewheels FHD are completely enclosed freewheels for stationary arrangement with input and output shaft.

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