RINGSPANN has been developing and manufacturing Precision Clamping Fixtures for workholding applications for over 75 years. Over the past decades we have realized thousands of applications and numerous technically sophisticated solutions.

RINGSPANN specialized in clamping and centring on cylindrical internal and external surfaces. Typical components include automobile, gear and aircraft components.


We have developed the RINGSPANN system on the basis of the RINGSPANN Clamping Disc, which encompasses

  • Complete Clamping Fixtures, ready-to-use and
  • Clamping Elements and components for customer assembled Clamping Fixtures

The RINGSPANN system offers the right solution for each clamping application and guarantees maximum clamping precision without the need for complicated alignment. This enables customers to achieve difficult objectives, such as clamping in short lengths or clamping thin-walled components that are susceptible to

The basis of the RINGSPANN system is the RINGSPANN Clamping Disc, a flat-tapered ring made of special hardened spring steel. The characteristic slotting provides for especially high elasticity.


The axial actuating force causes an elastic change in the taper angle and thus alters the diameter of the Clamping Disc. If its inside diameter is supported by a mandrel, the outside diameter expands. If the outside diameter of the Clamping Disc is supported, the inside diameter decreases.

Especially advantageous is the so-called RINGSPANN effect. The initiated actuating force is transposed friction-free into a radial force that is 5 to10 times higher, which is then used to clamp the component.

The actuating force simultaneously induces a tipping movement of the Clamping Disc. This movement is used to press the component against a longitudinal backstop during clamping.


Mounted on a mandrel, the Clamping Disc engages the entire inside circumference of the component bore. The radial forces produce a frictional connection between the Clamping Disc and the component.

The uniform application of force to the entire circumference of the component guarantees maximum clamping precision and permits the transmission of higher torques, even in contact with elastic components that are susceptible to deformation.

Similarly, the cylindrical outside surfaces of the component are clamped by a Clamping Disc seated in a chuck.

Advantages of RINGSPANN Clamping Fixtures

High true running accuracy

True running accuracy of

≤ 0,01 mm is attainable.


Short clamping lengths

The RINGSPANN system permits short clamping lengths with high torque transmission.


High component tolerances

The RINGSPANN system supports component tolerances.

ø Dmax. - ø Dmin. = permissible component tolerance

Extended insertion depths

The RINGSPANN system supports extended insertion depths with high torque transmission.


Short clamping fixture length

Clamping Fixtures based on the RINGSPANN system ensure minimum spindle overhang and thus high spindle rigidity and precision.


No deformation

RINGSPANN Clamping Elements ­engage the entire circumference of the component during clamping. This prevents component deformation. Thus thin-walled components or components that are susceptible to deformation can be clamped firmly and safely. This feature provides for improved machining performance.

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